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Ginger Lewman-Turning Point Learning Center Kansas

Dr.Margaret Grey-Dean Yale School of Nursing

Marsha Alibrandi-History Professor Fairfield U.

Dr. Sharen McKay-Yale Research Scientist

James Cullen-CEO Gaylord Hospital

Tom Collette-Collete Physical Therapy

Cindy Lavalette-Ass't Prin. Intern Lyman Hall Highschool

Richard Pizzonia-Principal Pond Hill Elementary

Colin "Evangelist"

Neil Bukowski-Owner Neil's Donuts and Bakery

Bill Dickenson-Wallingford Mayor Elect

James Vumbaco-Candidate Wallingford Mayoral Race

Lucille Trzcinski-Candidate Wallingford Mayoral Race

Mr. Ney AT&T

Ginger Lewman - Turning Point Learning Center Kansas
Dr. Sharen McKay-Yale School of Medicine
Dr. Margaret Grey- Yale School of Nursing
Cindy Lavalette-Video Lyman Hall High School
Colin Devroe.
James Cullen -- CEO of Gaylord Hospital -- Video