Hi Colin,I am a middle school teacher in Connecticut and my class has a podcast called Lunchtime Leaders. We are in the process of lining up our next round of interviews and after you answered a question I had about Viddler I checked out you blog and work I thought you would be perfect(especially after they complained that they had done all the scheduling and I had not found anyone: ). They interview business people about the challenges they face in the 21st Century and ask their opinions on how schools should be handling these challenges. The list of questions can be found on our wiki (brand new under construction!) http://lunchtimeleaders.wikispaces.com/Questions We interview people in person or have the ability to record a phone interview--road trip?. They usually last between ten and twenty minutes and take place during our lunch. We are available on Mondays and Fridays from 11:30 to 11:50, and Tuesday thru Thursday from 11:00-11:20am. The end of January is filled so we would be looking at the beginning of February. We can be much more flexible with times if need be. Let me know!Paul BogushMoran Middle SchoolWallingford, CT8th Grade Social Studieshttp://lunchtimeleaders.podomatic.comhttp://lunchtimeleaders.wikispaces.com/http://collaborationnation.wikispaces.com